Universal Chinese Firmware Upgrade and Flashing Rooting Maintenance Process

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I got this stuff from a Chinese website that’s why pardon the bad english on the screenshots, but bottomline is that it works like a charm, go ahead and give it a shot.

How to used chinese Universal upgrade software?

(if you want your windows systsem to  Support Chinese , check here,
http://www.86pp.com/download_view.asp?id=702 )

“upgrade elves“  is NO.1   upgrade soft

1.  Download Universal upgrade software   (CHINESE version) 。

URL:  http://www.shuame.com or from http://www.4shared.com/file/BsaETXqS/ShuameSetup_105.html


2. After downloading install the software.

3. Setup your phone in settings to enable USB debugging mode, then connect your pc or phone.    If your computer does not have driver software, and it prompts to install the drivers let it do that. , or automatically install the drivers

4.  If all goes well, you’ll see a beautiful screen on your phone / tablet and
Software main interface like this.

Data Backup   /   Data Restore/   system Backup / system Restore

Clear Passwords

6. IF YOU Have
Firmware  , and the Firmware  file is “zip” OR “img”  file,  then you can upgrade/flash by this software

7. ROM ( Firmware)  download section helps to download ROMS and firmwares for many phones and Tabs.




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  2. I tried to load the Jelly Bean version sent by Zync and it gets stuck after i click the download it says
    Step 15[Check Status]Has error!Set device plug status as unlock!
    I am unable to move anywhere after that , please help

    • Yes i have seen this error but only when the conditions are not perfect. Please make sure you have the steps correct. Also this error comes when you are using different bootheader.bin or firnware files. Make sure your SD card is out. Your mouse attached to system is not using same usb hub (or different port), remove mouse / other devices. Its aso possible that the firmware zip you downloaded is corrupt, so download and extract again. Also turn off antivirus. I have flashed around 4-5 times the JB version and it works fine.

      • can we downgrade jellybean to ics because when i upgraded to jelly bean my wifi stoped working.. which i create from joikuspot on my nokia e71.. it was working fine in ics…

  3. […] under settings and can root it by reading the post below: Universal Flashing Rooting Maintenance:https://abdulmomin.wordpress.com/2012…nance-process/ Please feel free to comment and let me know if you found this useful. Thanks! Respect and […]

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