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How to Install Jelly Bean 4.1 on Zync Z930 and also how to Root it.


  • Extract GENERALPLUS_ADB_PC_DRIVER_V01 to <adb_pc_driver> folder
  • Connect device to Windows via USB
  • Windows will prompt user to install ADB driver, point it to <adb_pc_driver>
Due to some incorrect information within the driver, Windows may complaint about missing file under <adb_pc_driver>/i386. Please manually point the location back to <adb_pc_driver> if this occurs.


Guide to Jelly Bean flashing on your Zync Z930 (and then rooting it :):

1. Shut down the tab

2.Download extract and Run General Plus Super MP Tool or download the all in one pack Zync Z930 JB firmware and update tool HERE extract and run G+MassProductionTool For GP330XX.exe

3. Tab should be off still and UNconnected, now Press reset button using a pen on the Tab just once briefly and release.

4. Now press the Volume + (Volume UP) button, and while holding it down insert the mini USB cable into the Tab and connect the PC. wait for a good 1 minute or so until all drivers are installed. It will show GPLUS GPLUS MSDC etc, Now SuperMP tool will prompt to add the USB device, accept it. Device now shows in one of the USB hubs of the Super MP tool,

5. Wait till the message comes hardware installed, will ask you to reboot, DONT do, say NO.

6. Now you are ready to start flashing, if you are using the all in one pack then you can straightaway start by clicking download.

7. After the process finishes, you should safely remove the device from USB and then press reset button, and then power it up.

Also refer to this guide for screenshots to assist better: http://www.4shared.com/office/yFO1E1MO/Zync-Z930-OS-Installation-Guid.html

8. Now you need to install ADB drivers, get them from here:


  • Extract GENERALPLUS_ADB_PC_DRIVER_V01 to <adb_pc_driver> folder
  • Connect device to Windows via USB
  • Windows will prompt user to install ADB driver, point it to <adb_pc_driver>

9. Now you need to check the USB debug mode under settings and can root it by reading the post below:

Universal Flashing Rooting Maintenance:

Please feel free to comment and let me know if you found this useful. Thanks!


Additional GeneralPlus resources and info:




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  1. I tried to load the Jelly Bean version sent by Zync and it gets stuck after i click the download it says
    Step 15[Check Status]Has error!Set device plug status as unlock!
    I am unable to move anywhere after that , please help

    • Yes i have seen this error but only when the conditions are not perfect. Please make sure you have the steps correct. Also this error comes when you are using different bootheader.bin or firnware files. Make sure your SD card is out. Your mouse attached to system is not using same usb hub (or different port), remove mouse / other devices. Its aso possible that the firmware zip you downloaded is corrupt, so download and extract again. Also turn off antivirus. I have flashed around 4-5 times the JB version and it works fine.

  2. Thank you , it works fine now. I tried flashing it with a different port and it worked.
    I had also taken my SD card out ,maybe that was the problem.

    One help …can you let me good games for Z930 and where i can get it 🙂

  3. Any idea where i can download games specifically for Zync930

  4. Hi I am not able to even connect the tablet to computer. It says unrecognized device. although in the device manager I see it in the other device list with a question mark. I assume the device driver is missing for USB. Please help

  5. Thanks brother

  6. hi freind
    if you can reply, thanks
    i tray to install android 4.0 in my zync z 930 plus with this method, but the G+ Mass Production Tool For GP330xx can’t connect with the tablet.
    i think that the problem not in driver, because i cant connect the tablet with pc with “Shuame” and with “mobogenie” and other softweare like this.
    are there a solution

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